LNG as an Energy Source

Here are 3 main benefits to using our product: 

Save money and enjoy stable pricing

Natural Gas burns more consistently than fuel oils and requires less oxygen to burn

This efficiency reduces energy and power needs and results in lower energy and maintenance costs

Natural Gas prices do not fluctuate erratically, allowing for greater cost stability

Easy and simple implementation and use

LNG Hub offers turnkey solutions that easily allow for implementation with mobile and fixed regasification, storage, equipment and transportation services

Natural Gas in its liquid form takes 1/600th of the space, making it easy to store and transport

Safe and environmentally friendly

Liquefied Natural Gas is colourless, odourless, non-toxic, and non-corrosive

LNG evaporates if it is spilled, leaving nothing behind

LNG has the best safety record compared to common fuel types

The Following Markets can Benefit from using Natural Gas:

Vehicular Fuel

Natural Gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and is being used throughout the world to reduce harmful emissions. 

Industrial, Mining & Commercial

Heating, cooling, smelting, kilns, complexes, large housing and residences

Peak Power & Stranded Power

Electricity and power generation, peaking, load-shedding, emergency or primary power

Maritime &

LNG is odourless, non-toxic, non-corrosive and when spilled rapidly evaporates leaving no residue (slick) on water or soil

Uses for LNG:

Replacing carbon heavy fuels

Ontap energy and powering up


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